Frequently Asked Questions

While each diagnosis and insurance combination is unique, we work with your physician and your insurance company to determine your eligibility and financial responsibility on the front end to avoid confusion. Our office visits are at no charge.

Once you have received a prescription call in to our office and we can schedule a consultation with one of our practitioners at one of our convenient locations.

After your evaluation and casting have taken place and all paperwork is complete, most of our Orthotics in house fabrication products are built in one week. Prosthetic time lines are very similar in that we typically have our first check socket for fitment check in one week. If we are ordering a product to be built by a vendor, A Step Ahead pays for expedited shipping to get the products back as soon as possible. Typically out of house products take two weeks.

First if your items is causing irritation, discontinue use and call to make an appointment with our office. We will asses the cause of any issues and correct them either on site or in our fabrication facilities. Any adjustments made during your warranty time period are all without charge to you.

We accept most all major insurances and many smaller insurance plans. Call our office to determine if we accept your insurance and to verify that your plan covers the item.